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Maryland artist Mark E. McCoy has traveled throughout the world to capture the beauty of wildlife in their natural habitat.  Says Mark, "Going to a zoo to get a reference shot of an animal is fine, but I need to go and see how it behaves in its natural environment.  Only then can I hope to capture it with conviction."  A self-taught artist, Mark has been painting professionally for more than ten years.

The artist's paintings are not limited to any one subject or medium and demonstrate great flexibility and technical versatility.  Mark works in oil, pencil and watercolor.  He also carves realistic songbirds and birds of prey in wood.  He subscribes to the belief that it's not the medium, but the result that matters.

Mark maintains his home studio in Bluffton, South Carolina with his wife, Cathy.  His original paintings are in many private collections.

Photo of Mark E. McCoy
Mark E. McCoy • 411 Eaglecrest Drive, Bluffton, South Carolina 29909